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Dallas/Fort worth Tx Eagle Transmission Repair Shops

Welcome to Eagle Transmission. We have transmission shop locations throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Area. Below is a complete listing of locatons. Call or click the Eagle Transmission shop of your choice. We strive to provide quality service at a fair price to each of our customers. If you need more information about the repair, service or rebuild of your vehicles transmission, visit

Latest News

Is Transmission Rebuild A Safe Option?

One of the biggest dilemmas faced by car or truck owners when their vehicle’s transmission system completely fails them is whether to buy a brand new transmission system or to go for a transmission rebuild.

U.S. Auto Quality Slips, For The First Time in 16 Years

Transmission and engine problems caused the quality in the U.S.

Getting Maximum Use of Your Car or Truck

Keeping your car or vehicle for fifth-teen years, or 225,000 miles of driving, may save up to $31,000 or possibly more!! according to the Consumer Reports magazine.

The New McKinney Eagle Transmission Location!

Eagle Transmission pleased to announce the opening of the new McKinney, TX Eagle Transmission location. The shop is located 1 mile west of US 75 on W University Dr. (US 380) on the south side of the highway.

My Check Engine Light Is On! Help!

We’ve all experienced the anxiety of the check engine light. You get in the car, put the key into the ignition, turn the switch and bring the engine to life, just as you’ve done thousands of times before.

You can save gas and money!!

A manual transmission may be your best option according to Consumer Reports. If you are in the market for a new vehicle don't overlook the benefits of a manual transmission.

Transmission Rebuild For $299 REALLY?!!

Don’t be fooled by ANYONE who would state a ridiculously low price to rebuild, repair or service your transmission. Quality parts alone to conduct a proper, thorough rebuild can’t be purchased for the above stated amount.

Employment Opportunities

We at Eagle Transmission are always looking for individuals who have; the right skills, a good work ethic, a "can do" attitude and are team minded.

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