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Transmission Rebuild For $299 REALLY?!!

Submitted by admin on Jan 03 2012

Don’t be fooled by ANYONE who would state a ridiculously low price to rebuild, repair or service your transmission. Quality parts alone to conduct a proper, thorough rebuild can’t be purchased for the above stated amount. (Stress the word “Quality”) The transmission in your vehicle is a complex, generally computer controlled, component. A complete diagnostic is required to determine what problem you may have. Likewise a basic scanning tool is not sufficient to determine the real cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. Often, with a complete diagnostic, it may well be that a complete rebuild is not required.

So then, if you are experiencing some odd symptoms with your vehicle, keep in mind the old but true adage “IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROBABLY ISN'T TRUE”.

Call or come by one of the conveniently located Eagle Transmission Centers. They will gladly give you a free diagnostic and, if you need it, a quality repair.

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