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Need a Rapid Quote?

In addition to a specific problem with my car, I was told I needed additional services and repairs by another shop/dealership. The estimate was quite high, how do I know if I really need everything they suggested?

One of our Eagle Transmission Service locations will be glad to give you an unbiased second opinion for the services suggested. We can double check any recommended maintenance services based on your vehicle’s mileage. We will also provide you with our own comprehensive estimate based on our trained technician’s completed inspection of your vehicle. Our estimate is designed to help you make the right repair choices. Each recommended repair or service is prioritized; we will always tell you what is necessary to fix your initial problem and/or prevent any major safety issues. Realizing that most people don’t live on an unlimited budget, we’ll also let you know the services or repairs you can safely postpone. We will never pressure you into making an on-the-spot decision. Feel free to ask questions and to compare our estimate with the one you received from another shop.

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