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Can you tell me how much it will cost to rebuild / repair my transmission?

This of course a most common question. When it comes to pricing a transmission repair or rebuild, there are several factors that need to be investigated to determine the specific cause of your transmission problem. We offer to all our customers our free External Transmission Diagnostic Service, which will help to identify what type of problem may exist, and what would be the best and most cost effective solution for the repair of your automatic or standard transmission problem. This External Transmission Diagnostic Service includes checking the transmission fluid level and condition. We will road test your vehicle for any drivability issues, and we will check your electronically controlled transmission for any diagnostic trouble codes that may be stored in your vehicle’s ECU memory, if your vehicle has this capability. Many transmissions can be fixed without a rebuild or overhaul. To better understand your transmission’s problems and to provide you with a comprehensive and accurate estimate, we invite you to bring in your car for a free diagnosis. Remember, the most expensive repair is the one you didn’t need. Likewise, it is not wise to spend the least possible for insufficient repair.

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