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Is your transmission leaking?

transmission leaking

You are on your way to the office when you have noticed some leakage underneath your car. Unfortunately, you are not sure where the fluid is coming from, and you are sooooo afraid that it might be from the transmission. Now, in order to help you figure it out, here are some locations underneath your vehicle in transmission fluid may leak:

·         Check the color of the fluid. Usually, a transmission fluid is color red. However, windshield wiper and anti-freeze fluid are also red, so in order for you to efficiently figure it out, check the smell and consistency. Transmission fluid is quite oily and smells like petroleum.

·         Check the location of the leakage. If it’s on the middle or front of your vehicle, then your transmission fluid is obviously leaking. It can also be found on the filler tube base, at the drain hole underneath your transmission, at the selector shaft, on the speed sensor mounting point, between the transmission and the engine, or at the radiator.

·         Check if your transmission fluid level drastically gets below the ideal level. Your transmission takes some time before it needs to be replaced, so if it’s not yet within the schedule, or way to far perhaps, then it could be because it’s leaking.

You have to make sure that your transmission fluid is not leaking as it could lead to severe problems that will curl you back to bed and feel really bad about it because having it fixed will certainly cost you thousands of dollars. It’s really not an affordable way to fix, so you have to keep it at its best condition. If you think your transmission fluid is leaking, visiting a reputable repair shop will help you prevent serious problems that will affect your vehicle’s roadworthiness.

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